• The social and economic well being of cooperatives’ members characterized by a better living standard from the point of view income, nutritional status and education
  • Rural community prosperity not subjected to poverty further to the development of cooperative movement and the solidarity of the co-operators.

The main goal of UGAMA is “ the cooperatives must be partners and valid negotiators among other socio-economic actors

According to its bylaw, UGAMA aims at three following objectives:

  • -Supporting cooperatives so that they become economically stronger and more involved in improving the living conditions of the population;
  • -Supporting cooperatives so that their members become more involved in their management and increase their ownership ;
  • -Supporting unions of cooperatives and/ or any other form of cooperation among cooperatives for a greater ability to solve their problems

The UGAMA collaborates with cooperatives which exercise different activities as follows:

  • · Cooperatives for agriculture production (maize, rice, soybean, vegetables, coffee, banana, cassava, ..)
  • · Cooperatives for food processing (Maize, Rice, Soybeans)
  • · Cooperatives of livestock (pigs, ..)
  • Cooperatives of saving groups.
  • · Cooperatives of handcraft (shoes making, brick making, Kitenge colouring, Uduseke, imitako,…)

UGAMA was created on July1st, 1985 by the Center of cooperatives trainings and research (IWACU), a local NGO and COOPBBU a Belgian NGO. In the beginning it was known as CSC (Centre de Service aux Coopérativesand  it was set as a Center to provide services to cooperatives and groupings for helping them to manage better their joint ventures, to reach the necessary technical knowledge and financial means so that they can better reach the member’s aims.

  • It is in 1988 when both Centre IWACU and COOPBBU decided to create to hand over all property of the CSC to local organization of association for cooperatives support “UGAMA asblUmuryango wo Gushyigikira AMAkoperative”.
  • The bylaw of UGAMA were last revised in January 2013 to comply with Rwanda Governance Board (RGB).

Umuryango wo Gushyigikira AMAkoperative (UGAMA)

Umuryango wo Gushyigikira AMAkoperative (UGAMA) translates to Cooperative Support Organization. We provide the assistance to the cooperatives to improve their economic profitability trough trainings in the cooperative management and accounting, to improve participation of members through preparation of general assembly, membership responsibility, ownership of their cooperative and plans and cooperative education. We also assist them to stimulate the investment and the innovative activities such as guaranty funds for project proposals submitted to the banks, funds mobilization to support new initiatives for the cooperatives.

UGAMA was created on July 1st, 1985 by the Center of cooperatives trainings and research (IWACU), a local NGO and COOPBBU a Belgian NGO.

The bylaw of UGAMA were last revised in January 2013 to comply with Rwanda Governance Board (RGB).

UGAMA's success in numbers in the last 4 years


Constituted Cooperatives


Cooperatives members in total






Executed Projects


Families Live stock improved conditions

Running projects

Reducing CHRONIC MALNUTRITION by empowering families to grow and eat nutritious food.

Experince in working with other organizations /institutions

Period Project/Program Title of project Funder
Promoting entrepreneurial
Improving maize and soya beans production.
ICCO (Netherlands )
Food security and community development for pilot sites
Build the capacity of smallholder farmers
Pain pour le monde(Allemande)
Improving the socio-economy of households
Build the capacity of socio-economic for smallholder farmers
Pain pour le monde(Allemande)
Good wáter managemenent the way for good governance.
Amenagement et mise en valeur du marais Ruterana Maintenance of Ruterana
PROTOS( Belgium).
Improving agricultural cooperatives
Support agricultural cooperatives involved in rice and maize seeds production, and construction of drying ground and warehouse.
Canadian Cooperative Association (CCA)
Capacity building
Support the coffee cooperatives
SNV( ICCO (Netherlands ))
Horticulture support
Support horticultural cooperatives
Support rural infrastructures
Build the capacity of beneficiaries
2012-2018 Promoting the socio-economy DUKORE TUJYIMBERE
Build the capacity of beneficiaries on socio-ecomic
Food security
Improvement of Food Security for Rural Area Farmers